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Looking to beautify your property with a ground cover offers so much more? Find a natural grass sod grower in your area and unlock the oxygen producing, carbon reducing, surface temperature cooling and positive mental health benefits of natural grass!

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Growing a healthy lawn doesn’t have to be hard – we’re here to help! From site prep and installation to ongoing care, our resource library will guide you through every step of the process, to maximize your lawn’s positive carbon footprint, while achieving the desired aesthetic appeal.

How To Measure

Calculate your sod requirements with the NSGA sod calculator. Learn More.

How To Prepare

Learn how to plan, measure, and prepare for the installation of natural grass sod. Learn More.

How To Install

Learn how to install natural grass sod to ensure optimal results. Learn More.

How To Maintain

Learn how to maintain your sod to keep it beautiful and healthy. Learn More.

Technical Specifications

Complete specifications for natural grass nursery sod and classifications in Ontario. Learn More.

FAQs About Natural Grass Sod

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about natural grass sod. Learn More.

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Benefits of Natural grass sod

Did you know that the average natural grass lawn produces enough oxygen to sustain a family of four. Find out more positive benefits your lawn will have on the environment.