Benefits of Kentucky Bluegrass

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The number one type of natural grass sod in Ontario is Kentucky Bluegrass and there are plenty of good reasons why. Here are a few of the key benefits to installing this grass on your property or sports field:

Gorgeous, Green Lawn

There is nothing that comes close to producing a lush, strong, and healthy lawn like Kentucky Bluegrass.

The reason Kentucky Bluegrass is the number one choice for Ontario sod producers is because of its ability to yield incredible results. Its dense, deep green grass is beautiful to look at and it’s ideal groundcover for playing sports and spending time in your backyard.

Handles Winters Well

Some types of grass will struggle to wake up and grow following the winter season. Kentucky Bluegrass, on the other hand, is resilient and returns well in the spring. Its dense structure and strong roots allow it to remain healthy when it goes dormant over the winter. It is this strength that helps the grass begin to grow right away when the snow melts and the spring sun and rain return.

Performs Well During A Drought

Ontario summers can be quite hot and dry, and Kentucky Bluegrass can handle this better than other types of grass. While not completely drought-tolerant, it is able to last longer between waterings. If the heat and drought are intense for a long period of time, the grass will go dormant to protect the roots. Then, when the drought has ended, it will recover quickly and return to its regular, healthy, green state.

Ideal for Farms and Sports Fields

Kentucky Bluegrass is often found on farms with grazing animals because of its dense and durable structure. It is for this same reason that it is ideal for sports fields. Installing Kentucky Bluegrass sod on a soccer, baseball, or football field can reduce injuries amongst players. Dense, well-maintained sod provides additional traction and cushioning when compared to artificial grass or pavement, and this helps to significantly reduce sports injuries.

Interesting Fact: In a study conducted to investigate the influence of an artificial turf field on sports injuries in a university soccer team, the results definitively showed that there was a significant increase in the incidents of both upper and lower body injuries after natural sod was replaced with artificial turf.

If you’re looking to install sod at your home, your business, in a park, or on a sports field, there is no better choice than Kentucky Bluegrass. Click here to find your local producer.

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