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Having the highest quality product makes all the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction and reduction of warranty claims. Looking for a grower you can trust? Find a natural grass sod farmer in your area with quality you can count on! Browse Suppliers.

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There are immediate and long-term benefits to installing natural grass sod including:

Technical Specifications

Complete specifications for natural grass nursery sod and classifications in Ontario. Learn More.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions about natural grass sod. Learn More.

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All natural grass lawns and greenspaces require ongoing care to keep them looking as good as they did on day one, and to ensure optimal plant health, which provides numerous benefits. Share these resources with your customers to help them protect their investment and reduce follow up calls and warranty claims.


Calculate your sod requirements with the NSGA sod calculator. Learn More.


Learn how to plan, measure, and prepare for the installation of natural grass sod. Learn More.


Learn how to install natural grass sod to ensure optimal results. Learn More.

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Benefits of Natural grass sod

Did you know that a well-designed and properly-maintained landscape with natural grass sod has the ability to increase a property value by 15-20%. Natural grass sod is an excellent long-term investment as opposed to alternative ground covers, which typically need to be replaced every 8-10 years. Find out about more of the positive economic and environmental benefits of sod.