Installing natural grass sod will enhance the beauty and environment surrounding your property. The long-term benefits of installing sod make it an ideal choice for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

The Nursery Sod Growers Association is pleased to provide you with some tips to help you prepare your location for successful installation.

Natural Grass Sod Preparation Tips

  1. Remove all debris from the area.
  2. Grade and shape the area to your desired contours.
  3. Topsoil should be added to a depth of 3 to 4 inches. If this amount of topsoil is not already available on your property, it must be added.
  4. Prepare the soil by rototilling to a depth of  3 to 4 inches. Be sure to rototill in one direction, and then again in the opposite direction.
  5. Add fertilizer at the rate of 10 kilograms per 1076 sq. ft. and rototill or rake to a depth of 2 inches. We recommend a fertilizer with a 5-20-20 ratio (or similar).
  6. Rake the top of the soil to 1 inch with a smooth, even surface, and roll lightly to remove depressions.
  7. Sod should be laid as soon as possible — no later than 24 hours after delivery.

Natural Grass Installation Tips

  1. Have the ground completely prepared before you order your sod.
  2. If you are not accustomed to physical labour, be sure to pace yourself accordingly and, if necessary, get help from others.
  3. Lay sod immediately upon delivery.
  4. Locate a straight line, such as a curb or driveway, or run a taut string up the middle of the area to be sodded. Work along this line to establish the first row.
  5. Using a rake, smooth the area immediately ahead of sodding.
  6. Lay sod in brick-work fashion to ensure that seams are not forming straight lines down the length of your property.
  7. Make sure all joints are butted tightly together without overlapping.
  8. Staking is advisable on extreme slopes.
  9. To fit non-rectangular edges, and small areas, cut the sod with a sharp knife or edger.
  10. Go over the area with a one-third filled roller to press the roots to the soil.
  11. Saturate the area with water immediately. 3/4 of an inch of water in the first hour will accomplish more than over 2 inches three hours later.
  12. Your newly sodded lawn will typically require mowing after 6-7 days.
  13. Regular maintenance is helpful to ensure a dense, healthy, and beautiful lawn.

For assistance in preparing and installing your project, connect with your local natural grass sod producer.