The NSGA believes that incorporating green space into residential, commercial, and municipal landscaping is integral to enhancing quality of life for people, generating economic value, and improving our environment.

There are immediate and long-term benefits to installing natural grass sod, which makes it ideal for use across a wide variety of industries and locations including:

  • Residential & Commercial Landscapes
  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Fields
  • Municipal Parks
  • Roadsides
  • Cemeteries
  • Airports
  • Schools

Environmental Benefits of Natural Grass Sod

There are numerous environmental benefits to installing natural grass sod including:

Water Conservation, Filtration, and Run-Off

As communities face yearly water restrictions, installing sod to reduce water consumption is increasingly important. Sodded natural grass sites will require irrigation for a shorter period of time after installing, when compared with sites that have been seeded.

The root structure of healthy natural grass sod will slow down and, in some cases, prevent stormwater runoff. As water falls on the sod, it is absorbed and filtered before entering the drainage system or aquifer. The more dense the sod, the more it will filter and increase percolation.

Soil Erosion

Sod is an inexpensive way to provide soil protection from the wind and rain. Installing natural grass sod will assist in reducing soil erosion by the process of stabilization and water percolation. Its absorbent and protective properties help to contain soil, retain garden and landscaping structure and design, and prevent storm sewers and fields from becoming overwhelmed with water.

Protecting soil with natural grass provides cost savings for landscapers, commercial operators, and municipal locations, who will not have to replenish eroded areas on their properties.

Soil Enrichment

Natural grass sod produces a substantial fibrous root system that will extend throughout the root zone in the soil. Over time, the root structure will decay and redevelop.

As this happens, the micro-organisms form a layer of humus that helps to retain moisture, loosen soil for effective aeration and drainage, and increase soil organisms which help make nutrients available to plants and other natural landscaping elements.

Discourages Pests

When cared for and regularly mowed, natural grass sod will discourage rats, mice, snakes, mosquitoes, ticks, and similar nuisance pests that tend to seek a more protective habitat in tall landscape plantings.

Health Benefits of Natural Grass Sod

There are numerous health benefits to installing natural grass sod including:

Reduced Air Pollution and Allergic Responses

Natural grass sod helps to combat air pollution by trapping dust, pollen, smoke, and other particles from the air. Sod absorbs gaseous pollutants and traps particulate matter, helping to clean the air and reduce allergic responses.

Sod is also an effective oxygen producer; a 50’ x 50’ lawn releases enough oxygen to support a family of four for one year.*


Reduced Noise Pollution

Natural grass sod has the ability to absorb sound and reduce undesirable noise levels by 30 to 40 percent — or up to 10 decibels.

Climate Moderation

The impacts of climate change mean that our seasons have become more extreme, and our summers are hotter and drier than ever before.

Natural grass sod helps to reduce temperature extremes by natural transpirational cooling; a naturally-occuring evaporation that brings down the temperature of plants through their pores.

Climate moderation means that grassy areas are significantly cooler than pavement and this provides added comfort for people and pets. Approximately 50% of the heat from the sun is dispersed via  transpirational cooling once it strikes the natural grass surface.

Recreation and Natural Beauty

Natural grass sod provides an ideal surface to enjoy recreational and leisure activities. Getting outside for fresh air and taking part in physical activities helps to boost mental health and relieve stress.

Dense, well-maintained natural grass sod provides additional traction and cushioning when compared to artificial grass or pavement, and this helps to significantly reduce sports injuries. Natural grass sod also provides a resilient playing surface for years of healthy outdoor recreation.

Economic Benefits of Natural Grass Sod

There are numerous economic benefits to installing natural grass sod including:

Increased Property Value and Economic Growth

Every homeowner and property owner knows the importance of curb appeal, and a well-designed and properly-maintained landscape with natural grass sod has the ability to increase a property value by 15-20%.*

In multiple studies, surveys confirmed that streetscapes that incorporated a well-maintained green space and natural elements resulted in consumers spending 9-12% more than they would have spent in un-landscaped areas.


Cost Savings

Natural grass sod is an excellent long-term investment as opposed to alternative ground covers, which typically need to be replaced every 8-10 years.

The cost of installing and maintaining sod is significantly less than alternative ground covers, requiring less installation preparation.

Lower Cooling Costs

As sod helps to moderate temperature via transpirational cooling, it also helps to cool surrounding areas. Homes and businesses that have natural grass as landscaping will enjoy reduced air conditioning usage, when compared to those with pavement and walkways.

The average home-size central air unit has a three to four ton capacity, and the front lawns of eight average-sized houses has the cooling effect of approximately 70 tons of air conditioning.*


Improved Mental Health

The positive impacts of green space have been studied all over the world, and numerous studies have demonstrated a clear link between green space and improved mental and physical health.*

Interacting with natural space enables people to reduce their levels of stress and aggression, increase their feelings of well-being, boost their ability to focus, and aid overall functioning.**


Enjoy The Benefits of Natural Grass Sod