The first step in determining your sod requirements is to measure the length and width of your installation area.

Here’s how to measure your project in two easy steps:

  1. Draw a sketch of the installation area and note any features or elements that will not require sod. This could include pathways, flower beds, trees, shrubs, lighting, etc.
  2. Using a measuring tape, measure the installation area and note it in feet. If your measurements are under a full foot, round the measurements up to ensure that you have enough sod to cover your installation area.
  3. If your landscaping area is irregularly shaped, break it down into squares or rectangles. Then add these areas together to determine the size of your installation area.

NSGA Natural Grass Sod Calculator

Ensure that you are ordering the right amount of natural grass sod for your landscape by using our sod calculator:

Suppliers offer various roll lengths. To ensure you have the correct estimate for your project, or for assistance in measuring and planning your project, click below to connect with your local natural grass sod producer.