NSGA AGM March 19 2019

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Tuesday March 19, 2019 Dave & Buster’s
120 Interchange Way, Concord ON

$125.00 please RSVP nsga@rogers.com by March 15

Tracking your Business Performance
A logical method for setting up your annual business operating statement to develop industry benchmarks, measure your own progress and/or to diagnose where you may have management issues. Example data for sod farms will be used in the presentation.
Larry Martin is an owner of Agri-Food Management Excellence, Inc (AME) a management training company and Dr. Larry Martin and Associates, a consulting operation. He is lead instructor for AME’s management programs and coaches managers of farms, agribusiness and food companies. He has worked with a wide array of companies and organizations in developing their strategic, operational, and/or risk management plans. He writes monthly columns on commodity markets for Food in Canada magazine, and on management for Country Guide.

Marketing Opportunities
Carly will give an overview of the progression from feedback gathered at the 2018 AGM to the launch of the new NSGA website, next steps and how your organization can leverage NSGA marketing investments.
Intrigue is a Canadian digital marketing company in the business of attention. We help businesses grow by attracting and engaging their ideal clients. We help business owners achieve their goals so they can live the lives they have always wanted. Intrigue offers website design and development, branding, online advertising, content marketing, graphic design, video production, SEO, and analytics.

Soil Health for Sod Production
Anne will dig deeper into soil management and soil health for sod production. Using Ontario sod farms as examples, this talk will explore and discuss how each operation manages their soil.
Anne Verhallen is a soil science graduate from the University of Guelph. She has worked for OMAFRA since 1988, starting as a soil conservation advisor working in Essex and Kent. Currently, Anne works in the area of horticultural soil management with projects in a wide variety of soil management areas such as erosion, compaction and water management. Promoting the use of cover crops and supporting better soil health are her passion.

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