Zander Sod Co. Limited

Zander Sod Co. Limited

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Zander Sod has been a leader in Natural Turfgrass production for over 60 years, being founded by Fred Zander in 1967. Right from the beginning, Zander Sod has been dedicated to quality turf, exceptional service and giving great value.

Our sod doesn’t only look greener, it’s healthier. Zander Sod not only prides itself in supplying the best turf, but also ensuring that the soil and environment stays healthy for generations to come by utilizing a complete soil management program.

Zander Sod has evolved with the addition of our Turf Services department, specializing in sod installation and Golf Course cultural practices. Zander Sod is also a proud supplier of BigYellowBag® soil and mulch products to fill all of your garden and lawn needs.

Our Products


Specific varieties to suit the needs of residential/commercial lawns, sports fields, parks and golf courses

  • #1 Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Extreme Fine Fescue
  • Rhizomatous Tall Fescue
  • Low Mow Bluegrass
  • Native Bentgrass
  • USGA Bentgrass


Superior lawn and garden products guaranteed to make everything grow better. “It’s what’s inside that counts!” ®

  • BigYellowBag® Black Garden Soil
  • BigYellowBag® Nature’s Blend Soil
  • BigYellowBag® Premium Red Mulch
  • BigYellowBag® Premium Black Mulch
  • BigYellowBag® Premium Natural Mulch
  • BigYellowBag® Premium Top Dressing Mix


Strategically selected seed blends to produce healthy Turfgrass.

  • Premium Sod Blend
  • Premium Sun Mix
  • Sun/Shade Mix


Carefully chosen fertilizer ingredients to assist with growth from germination or establishment to maintenance.

  • Spring/Summer 25-5-10
  • Starter 8-32-16
  • Fall 20-5-20

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