Willowlee Sod Farms Limited

Willowlee Sod Farms Limited

907 Victoria Rd,
Ameliasburgh, ON K0K 1A0

(613) 966-0338

For over 20 years, Willowlee Sod Farms has been providing our commercial and residential customers with premium, sustainable, and progressive green ground cover products, high quality customer care and dependable delivery services throughout Eastern Ontario.

We Went Green in 2000!

Many residents in the area remember being at the farm picking strawberries at our pick your own operation or as their first job as a berry picker. Access to ideal soils and adequate water resources for irrigation made the transition to turf a great decision. The farm began producing 35 acres of turf in 2000 and our production acreage has grown to now over 400 acres.

It’s in Our Roots!

As our sod production grew the operation began to fill other needs our customers struggled with. We have leveraged our experience and knowledge from our production practices on our own farm to provide education, information resources and various services. We are well recognized for the installation and management of large-scale golf courses, sports fields and environmental sites.

We are proud of the relationships we have built with our customer base. They are all considered as friends. Investing in our customers has always been our top priority. Helping make our customers business stronger benefits the entire value chain and industry.

Our Products

Premium Sod

Kentucky Bluegrass is our most popular blend of sod which is used on residential lawns, sports fields, and many parks throughout Ontario.

  • Kentucky Blue Grass
  • Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Sod

Premium Custom Grass Seed

Each of our seed blends is unique and will support your lawn in maintaining a healthy and strong lawn.

  • Willowlee TWCA Parkland
  • Willowlee Emerald Green
  • Willowlee Shade
  • Willowlee Eco-Lawn
  • Willowlee All-Purpose
  • Willowlee Naturalized
  • Willowlee MTO Roadside Mix
  • Willowlee Slope Bank Mixture
  • Willowlee Landscapers Mix
  • Barenbrug Turf Saver RTF
  • Champion Ryegrass Seed Blend

Premium Custom Fertilizers

  • Starter 10-14-10
  • Starter 9-35-18
  • Grow In 23-0-23
  • Pro Maintenance 30-4-10
  • Dormant 16-0-3


Maximize in-field efficiencies – Load more. Spray more

  • Hydrostraw®
  • Hydrostraw®: Cellulose Fiber Plus
  • Hydrostraw®: Bonded Fiber Matrix
  • Hydrostraw®: Guar Plus
  • Hydrostraw®: All In 1


Our Topsoil is full of high-quality nutrients which will help your grass grow to be strong and healthy.

  • Top Soil
  • Sand
  • Premium Garden Soil


Mulch is a great addition to any landscaping project and adds a finished look to your garden.

  • Screened Compost
  • Natural Pine Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Black Mulch


Willowlee Sod Farms offers a variety of tools to help with your lawn and garden maintenance.

  • Biopegs
  • Erosion Control Sock
  • Mp 2 Fertilizer Spreader
  • CBR IV Spreader


  • Complete Lawn & Sportfield Renovations
  • Commercial and Residential Lawn Renovations
  • Seeding & Hydroseeding
  • Erosion Control

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