Manderley Turf Products Inc.

Manderley Turf Products Inc.

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Creating greenspace for beautiful, healthy communities is our passion. For over 60 years, Manderley has been a leader in the landscape industry, helping to grow greener communities by providing high quality, innovative lawn and garden products.

Manderley played a key role in establishing and growing the sod industry in Canada, and to this day we remain at the forefront as a respected leader, pioneering new products, services and processes that improve our client experience and reduce our impact on the environment. Manderley is Canada’s largest sod producer, with over 60 million square feet sold annually and the only producer with a national presence.

Our Products


Manderley Less Water 100% Kentucky Bluegrass sod reduces typical watering by up to 50%.

  • Less Water Natural Grass Sod


Manderley offers PRO Grade and Less Water lines of seed as well as custom blends for larger projects.

  • Less Water Full Sun/High Traffic Seed
  • Less Water Low Maintenance Seed
  • PRO Grade Sun and Shade
  • PRO Grade Quick Start


Manderley PRO Grade line of fertilizers are designed to keep a lawn healthy and looking great throughout its lifecycle.

  • PRO Grade Root Starter Fertilizer (12-32-6)
  • PRO Grade Spring Formula (30-0-10)
  • PRO Grade Maintenance Formula (18-0-12)
  • PRO Grade Fall Formula (15-0-30)

Blue Cube™

Blue Cube is an innovative, compact, mess-free means of delivering top-quality lawn and garden products to homeowners and landscapers.

  • Premium Garden Soil
  • Compost
  • Professional Grade Topsoil
  • Crushed Stone
  • Washed Sand
  • Mulch
  • River Rock

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