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Fairgreen Sod Farms

10378 Highway 48,
Markham, ON L3P 3J3

(905) 640-9090

Fairgreen in a family run business that has been supply the GTA and cottage country with outstanding products and service for over 60 years. Our main office is located in Markham, ON with a 2nd location located in Oro Medontie. We supply both the landscape industry and retail sector with over 1600 acre of sod in production. We have the ability to meet any size project you have. It could be 30 rolls of sod for your property downtown or trailer loads of sod for the newest park being built. THINK GREEN CALL FAIRGREEN

Our Products


Whether you have a small patch in your lawn to repair or are thinking about replacing your entire lawn, Fairgreen can help you with a project of any size!


Fairgreen Sod Farms offers our unique “S.O.S” bagged garden soil delivery service.

  • Garden Soil
  • Premium Plus Garden Soil
  • Topdress and Overseed Kit for Shade
  • Topdress and Overseed Kit for Sun
  • Topsoil – Grading Soil


  • Forest Blend Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Black Mulch
  • Red Mulch


We offer the same fertilizer to our customers that we use ourselves to nurture and grow the sod we sell.

  • 16-8-8 Maintenance
  • 5-20-20 New Lawn Care
  • 30-5-5 Grass Grower
  • 21-7-7 Weed Choker

Grass Seed

  • Sun Grass Seed
  • Shade Grass Seed

River Rock

  • River Rock 1″
  • River Rock 1-3″


  • Sand
  • Crush and Run
  • 3/4″ Clear Gravel
  • Limestone Screening
  • High Performance Bedding 3/8″ Chip


  • Wollastonite 10kg bag


  • Sod Cutting Knife
  • Wooden Sod Staples
  • Metal Sod Staples
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Hand Spreader
  • Push Spreader
  • Garden Rake

Our Gallery